Can it work offline?

It sure can. The software was always designed to work offline when completing checklists, reports and audits. Once you get back in range of wifi or mobile phone reception (for tablets this will depend if you have purchased one that takes a sim card) all the data that was collected while offline is automatically uploaded.

What type of phone or tablet can I use it on?

The software will work on both Android based phones/tablets and iPhones/iPads. You will need to have at least the following version of each of the operating systems – Android 5.0 but recommended is Android 9, for iPhones/iPads iOS 11 or higher.

How secure is my data?

Data is stored in the Amazon Cloud. It is world class, secure and reliable.

Can it do registers and logs?

Yes it can. Data collected from inspections, checks, reports and audits can be transferred to a spreadsheet which is available online via a web address. With a password, you can access this data at any time and if necessary conduct real time editing. With auditing for HARPS and Freshcare in mind, it is easy to print out these registers and logs.

Can it take photographs when conducting a check, report or audit?

Yes it can. During any particular inspection any number of photographs can be taken and they will immediately show up in your inspection. They will will also be shown in the final report which you can also print out. Also after taking a photograph, you can edit the photograph at the same time, highlighting certain areas of interest or adding text.

How much storage do I have to keep copies of what I do including photos?

Storage is unlimited. You can store as much as you need.

Is it easy to find what I need?

Sure is. The search features are quite smart and with only a few key words, numbers and dates you can find what you need. This is very important if you are in the process of an audit and an auditor might need a copy of a previous inspection etc.

What if my phone or tablet goes dead half way through completing something?

You can start from where you left off once you get your phone or tablet back up and running. Nothing is lost.

Can I print directly from my phone or tablet to a printer?

If your printer supports Wifi then there it may be possible to print directly from an iPhone or iPad. Android based tablets and phones are bit tricky. If your printer has Bluetooth then it may be possible to print directly. Remember that you can login to a web page and from there find your work and print it (as long as the printer is connected).

How many templates can I have?

As many as you want. ifarmsafe already has a set of HARPS and Freshcare templates for you to use, including registers and logs. For workplace safety, ifarmsafe can convert any safety documents you have that you would like transferred to on screen. ifarmsafe does have some core WH&S templates adapted from Worksafe Queensland.